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Both Nicole and Ka’Terra are on mission to change the lives of many others by providing the necessary resources needed to conquer any skin ailments they may have. Utilizing her background in biology, minor in chemistry, and intense research skills Ka’Terra partnered with Business major and fellow naturalist Nicole Love to formulate the ultimate natural skin care product line that has changed their skin forever! Face the facts when you look good you feel good, and you feel even better knowing that what your using is great for you! Everyone can have flawless skin the choice is yours. Start your journey today and be on the way to flawlessness tomorrow! #MissionHealthySkin

Nicole Love

Nicole is a single mother of 5 wonderful girls, whom always struggled with combination skin problems. From an oily T zone to dry patches and occasional pimples that left unsightly scars, Nicole was determined to diminish these problems. She couldn’t find any over the counter products that worked without irritating her skin, and she couldn’t’ find anything natural that worked either. Fearing that there was no resolution to her skin problems and that her daughters would possibly experience these same issues growing up she was inspired to come up with her own home made remedies. Nicole researched countless hours day and night not stopping until she finally experienced success.

Ka’Terra Ashburn

Ka’Terra is a highly motivated, single mother of two, on the prowl for all things natural! Ka’Terra holds a Bachelorette of Science degree from Purdue University. She currently works in the innovative field of research. Ka’Terra Suffered from severe acne starting at the early age of 10. She was determined to find a remedy to heal her skin without the harsh toxins, chemicals, and ungodly side effects. From over the counter products, to expensive visits to the dermatologist, to monthly acne treatment subscriptions, nothing worked. Ka’Terra then decided it was time to do her own research. She began with looking up all natural skin loving ingredients, testing them out at home to discover what actually worked.

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